Kate Upton's Furry Lingerie Photo, best lingerie websites Kim Kardashian's Presidential Selfie, and Much, Much More

Kate Upton's Furry Lingerie Photo, best lingerie websites Kim Kardashian's Presidential Selfie, and Much, Much More



Here's what everybody's gabbing about sexy lingerie China


• Earlier this week on Instagram, supermodel and actress Kate Upton shared buy lingerie from China a sultry snapshot in just a fur coat and some lingerie (above). She didn't mention where the photo was taken, but we can assure you it was nowhere near the FNM offices.


• Speaking of ladies best lingerie websites who look fantastic in lingerie, we recently had the chance to ask Playboy Playmate Gia Genevieve for her best lingerie websites top tips on picking out a great bra. Hear her advice in the video below, but be warned: She mentions nothing of finding the best furry coat to drape over that bra, so you're on your own in that department.


• On Thursday, Kim Kardashian best lingerie websites tweeted that she was excited to be meeting our next president two hours before sharing a selfie with Hillary Clinton and Kanye West from Clinton's campaign fundraiser in Los Angeles (below). We assume she was referring to Hillary in the former tweet, though it's also possible Kanye has a big announcement he plans on making in the near future. 


• Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux reportedygot married in a secret wedding ceremonyat their L.A. home on Wednesday. We're guessing the two didn't publicize the date to avoid unwanted attention from paparazzi, but we can think of another great reason they didn't want anyone to know: unwanted attention from Aniston's longtime admirerGunther.


• Dwayne The Rock Johnson shared a high-school photo of himself on Instagram, recalling how the other kids thought he was an undercover cop because of his mustache (below). We're guessing it also didn't help that he looked like a 30-year-old undercover cop, and had the haircut of a 30-year-old undercover cop. 


• This past Thursday on Twitter, the director of the new Fantastic Four movie basically blamed 20th Century Fox for the negative reviews, implying that the studio changed his original version which we'll probably never see. In related news, our friend Tommy says he totally has a hot girlfriend, but we'll probably never meet her because she goes to a different school in another state.


• Universal Pictures has released the first trailer for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's new film By the Sea (below), which stars the real-life couple as extremely disfunctional lovers. This marks their first time sharing the screen since 2005's Mr. and Mrs. Smith, in which they also starred as extremely disfunctional lovers. But Brad has a longer hair in this one, and Angie wears a floppy hat, so it's different:


• James Franco will reportedly be playing the role of twins in an upcoming HBO drama about the rise of NYC's porn industry in '70s and '80s. And since the characters are described players in the lucrative sex industry, we can probably expect one of them to be mustachioed, thus allowing us to differentiate between Francos.


• Justin Bieberposed shirtlessfor the September issue of Cosmopolitan magazine (below). In the accompanying article, he also lists 21 surprising facts about himself, not counting the fact that he likes to frequent his local prison's weight-lifting room.


• And finally, prolific singer/songwriter Ryan Adams is in the process of recording cover versions ofevery song on Taylor Swift's 1989 album,perhaps because he's grown tired of people confusing him with Summer of '69 singer Bryan Adams and decided it was time to associate himself with adifferentblonde who sings about a particular year.