Ashley Graham direct a best lingerie websites Shoot

It is not surprising that Ashley Graham, who claims to be a physical activist and a model, will shed confidence from the body best lingerie websites. However, for women who are not professional models, it is as comfortable as their appearance, which may take a lifetime.


In order to move things and adjust the standard of non-standard, Ashley for best lingerie websites the charm of the underwear shooting, in addition to her bra and underwear, she has not worn.


One by one, four women never molded underwear (but knew what they were doing) joined Ashley's camera. Her work: make them feel comfortable, undressing.


She told a woman, "I want to pull my bottom is really high, so my most unsafe part is wandering, you want to turn off your gown." "Take it away.


Once Ashley took the woman out of the robe, she took the A + photo. "If I come across that insecure part, I look unsafe," she said. "I like the part, I remind myself," she said, putting her hand over her chest.


After taking pictures, women joined best lingerie websites Ashley to review their photos. A woman said, "It 's not every day I will see girls like this underwear advertising, just as we do not allow them there.


Another man told Ashley about the history of her anorexia, and he said, "Put down, do not hide it, almost accept it."


Ashley burst into tears, apparently because every woman's self-esteem has improved in the filming process. "People just think that best lingerie websites the body image and body revolution is a trend and fashion," she said directly to the audience. "You, no.


It goes from big girl to little girl. From the Spanish girl to the black girl. From white girl to girl. It affects everyone.


If we continue this conversation, if we continue to talk about what the society says is ugly, what we can not see in the media, that is what happens.


That's how we make a statement, that's how we exclude everything now and build a new normal ... i really hope this video will affect your way.