Summer want to "thin exposed" first learn to wear underwear from best lingerie websites!

Unknowingly, has entered the summer! The girls best lingerie websites on the street dress more and more cool, eyeful are halter, strapless, really seductive!

Summer clothes are exposed, what to wear sexy underwear and avoid embarrassing, today we give you a careful talk about the summer underwear selection rules!

This year's strapless wear is still occupied by the girls wardrobe. To remember best lingerie websites that the shoulders of the shoulder is absolutely can not be exposed to the shoulder strap, not to "smart" with a transparent shoulder strap and a pair of bright crystal on the replacement of shoulder straps, simply superfluous.

That when wearing strapless wear, underwear should be how to choose it? First you can pick no shoulder strap underwear.

Small chest sister can choose to care about models. Remember to choose to avoid the design of the anti-style, or else minutes down, or minutes of strangers you.

Free people's underwear has always been high and practical value, this word Bra, not only can control the strapless wear, wear in the black perspective equipment is also a few good ~

And if you are big chest sister, you can choose a steel ring and bottom support section. The following support area the bigger the better, or can not hold it easy to fall, the shape does not look good.

If you have a side with a non-slip belt, removable shoulder strap underwear, where you can teach you a little trick, just need to buy a bra strap on the Internet, and then tied in the next line on the line, want to save money the girl can DIY about!

NuBra is also a good friend of strapless. For me, summer must buy NuBra, NuBra is simply omnipotent, whether it is exposed to halter can wear.

NuBra is divided into two kinds, one is the following pure silica gel, there is a kind of cloth is outside, the summer weather is too hot, pure silica is very airtight, so it is best to buy cloth.

Cloth I recommend the United States NuBra, yes this brand is called NuBra, is the originator of invisible underwear, the first NuBra from its home, because it is too famous so that we are now invisible underwear called NuBra.

Nubra Seamless Underwire

This I spent two years, every summer will buy two or three, sticky very good, even if the sweat will not fall, by the cloth silicone cup, covered with viscose plus the front of the buckle The

Note: Nubra can be reused, but each life will not be more than 30 times, each time to clean, gently washed best lingerie websites with water on the line, and then naturally dry, avoid hard rubbing, the other time to store the two Fold, buckle up and put, can not let the plastic surface overlap, can not let the plastic face, touch the air, to prevent falling ash.

In addition to the word shoulder, there are a lot of runners-style single product, not only highlights the sexy shoulders, but also a little cool feeling. But if you wear traditional underwear, revealing two shoulder strap is also very strange! Wear it, and how much will look bulky, not light.

For this bead-style dress or vest, you can choose to hang the neck or cross brace bra, inverted triangle shape just with the harness skirt of the word line match.